The How and Why of Our Valuation Report

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When you’re ready to sell your home, the first thing you need to determine is what price you will sell it at? For many home sellers, this is an arbitrary number that they arrive at depending on what they feel their home is worth, and this is a problem. Why? Because as sellers, our inherent tendency is to place a premium on things we own, especially when we’re in the market to sell them, be it a property up for sale or a pre-owned car. As a result, you end up locking horns with prospective buyers on the hunt for a bargain. This is one of the reasons for many home sales fall through. You can read all about it here.

So what’s the best way to ensure you sell your home quickly without feeling short-changed? Pricing it right! This means affixing a price based on the market value of your home and not what you think you ought to get.

If you’re wondering how to do this, the answer is easy. Choose Zapkey! When you decide to sell your home with us, we first give you a property valuation or home valuation report. We study similar sale transactions in your building, society, and neighborhood to get a fair home price. We do the leg work so that you don’t have to.

If you’re wondering what information our property valuation report comprises, keep reading…

Property and project details

First up, we list all the basic details about your home. This includes the name of the project and the address. We also mention the configuration of the property up for sale, and whether any car parking slots are included in the sale. We also give an overview of the project—how old it is, its completion status, year of construction, amenities on offer, etc.

The estimated value of your home

This is what you came for! Based on our analysis, we present you with a property value estimate that’s rooted in real data. Here, you can also find the carpet area of the property. This area is taken and verified from the registration data that is publicly available information sourced from revenue authorities of the respective states. For good measure, we also break it down into price per sqft for the carpet area.

Market Supply and Demand

The left column (highlighted in yellow) brings you real-time market insights right at your fingertips with our analytics. Here you will see the number of properties available for sale in your project with their unit configuration. These are the properties you will be competing in within the market.

The right column (highlighted in orange) highlights the number of resale transactions that have been registered in your project over the last twelve months. You can find the same data for your project or any other project by going to our website.

Recent Registered Sale Transactions

Best of all, you don’t have to take our word for it. At Zapkey, we’re all about transparency. So our property valuation report comprises recent transactions in your neighborhood that helped us arrive at a competitive price for you. But sometimes the registered transactions are not completely transparent and honest about the actual amount. We rely on current market trends from online and offline sources to account for this.

Listings & Offline Market Checks

We give you a preview of similar listings online and how they have been priced. But, just like registered transactions, the listing may not tell the whole story. For example, a property listed by a seller is likely to have the seller’s expected price, which may not reflect the property’s true market value. A property listed by a broker may be fake for generating leads or simply reflect the seller’s asking price. For this, our team relies on offline market checks to adjust by contacting multiple brokers who are active in your neighborhood to get the true details and market trends.

We do all the heavy lifting to bring you a fair price for your home that will guarantee a sale within three months.

So, what are you waiting for? If you’re considering putting up your home for sale, make sure your first stop is Zapkey. We provide you with a property valuation report for free so that you can make a smart, informed sale decision. Ready to get started? Simply click here.


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