Mankind Pharma’s Director’s Wife Sells Delhi Property for 91 Cr INR

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Poonam Janeja, the wife of Mankind Pharma Ltd. chairman Ramesh C Juneja, has sold a property worth 91 Cr INR in Vasant Vihar, Delhi.

The property spans 1200 sq yds and the building area totals 1501 sq. m. The bungalow is a G+3+terrace construction. The property sale was registered on the 28th of March 2023.

The stamp duty paid on this deal was 4.85 Cr INR. The property was purchased by 3 members, Dhruv Malhotra, Dakhsh Malhotra, Ranjana Malhotra of Everest Pressure & Vacuum Systems.

What highlights this deal is that it has come about shortly after the Income Tax department conducted a tax raid on the company.

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